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Tacky X-mas Sweater Contest

Ending January 1, 2014, the Sigma Alpha Omega, Christian Sorority Inc. Facebook Page is looking for your tackiest Christmas sweater photos. Post yours to our page for a chance to win a Sigma Alpha Omega t-shirt mailed to your home! Sisters and non-sisters may participate. Limit one entry per person. Any profanity, nudity, or alcohol will be automatic grounds for disqualification. Have fun, everyone!

Are you a Christmas Christian?

Christmas is everywhere, but for those who call themselves Christians, we know that that doesn't necessarily mean that the celebration of Christ's birth is everywhere. Last year,  I remember watching an interview with one of my favorite SNL alums, Amy Poehler, on Ellen .  She was sharing that her daughter had a lot of questions about the story of Christmas. I realized I had incorrectly assumed she meant the story of the nativity, as she began discussing how her daughter responded to hearing about Santa and the North Pole. Ah, the legend of Christmas...not the real story. A lot of people celebrate Christmas who are not necessarily Christians. After all, most Christians celebrate Santa, too. Adversely, if a person celebrates Christ's birth, recognizing Jesus was a good guy and role model, that also doesn't mean they are a Christian either. For those who have called themselves "Christian" for quite some time, it can actually become difficult to define what a