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National Service Week #SAONationalServiceWeek

National Service Week is a chapter-wide event that Sigma Alpha Omega participates in every year. The goal of this week is for your chapter to participate in activities of service in your community and campuses along with your other sisters all across the country.

National Service week will take place during the 2nd week of February every year. Our chapters are required to complete:

-1 Week-long Service Event

-5 Daily service projects (one per day)

-1 National Service Week Participation Sheet

There are a variety of creative and practical ways to serve your campuses and communities but this year we have some unique ideas! If you have an idea to share, please email or your local chapter.


Blessing Bags: Fill a plastic zip-lock bag with small items from the travel section at Wal-mart. Portable deodorants, mini toothpastes, dental floss, mini-shampoos etc. Stick in some food, (crackers, granola bars, things you can buy in bulk) and you’re do…