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Calling all SAO logo ideas!

Successful organizations understand the power of branding themselves for quick and easy recognition. Sigma Alpha Omega currently does not have a logo for our organization, so we thought we' d ask the best ideas-person we know...YOU! All ideas for logos must be submitted before 5/3/2014 to with the subject “LOGO ENTRY”. Your entry must include the following to be considered: 1 ) A concept explanation – This means you describe in detail what your idea is 2 ) A concept rendering – This means you supply a visual representation of your concept. Don't worry! You do not need to be a graphic artist! DISCLAIMER: Should your concept be our next logo, we will find experts to create multiple renderings for us to select our favorite from there. Quick Facts and Tips to help you in your “brainstorming”: -our official colors are burgundy and forest green -our mascot is the dove -our flower is the lily -our Bible