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If I have the Gift of Prophecy… and the Faith that Can Move Mountains, but Have Not Love, I am Nothing

One of the hardest things about being a Christian in an increasingly doubting world is being forced into defending our belief in God and in Jesus.  Every day there seems to be new scientific, philosophical, or historical evidence splashed across the headlines which provide proof of an absence of an all-knowing creator for doubting or nonbelievers.  But what if I told you that this is only the enemy at work?  What if I told you that the Bible has never been proven incorrect, ever?  What if I told you that scientific, philosophical, and historical evidence actually proves that Christianity has been the ONLY constant in this world since the beginning of time?  And what if I could give you the keys to prove all of this?  I can.  But you don’t need those keys...     On Sunday my pastor delivered just an incredible message on the Bible and how we, as Christians, can guarantee it is written by man, but the Words are His, and His alone (“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with

New Year, New You

I was invited to a "Anti-Resolution Post-New Year's Party," which I had to laugh at. Really, it was just a get-together of some friends, but the host accented the fact that there would be unhealthy food, you'll probably stay up too late and not want to exercise, and it will prevent you from finishing that book you avowed to finish. It's like this almost every year. I can only think of one year where I did make a lifestyle change (it was "drink more water"), but a new year always feels like a blank slate. But, what are we doing when we establish goals and fail at them? But, isn't that exactly what our spiritual walk is? We know that we will fail, but we stand up after falling down, over and over again. Because what we do know is that God's way--the "straight and narrow"--is one worth pursuing. If you have ever been in a platonic or romantic relationship (HINT: you have), then you know that even if you get in a fight, or someone