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Will you accept this me?

Are there any Bachelor or Bachelorette fans out there?  I have to admit it is my guilty pleasure when I do start to watch a season. I find my quick favorites and find myself rooting for them (even if that means NOT ending up with the final rose, because, sometimes, that would NOT be winning for them...). If you watch the series, you also get quite a "drama-infused" dose of in-house cat-fighting, no matter if it is a house of boys or girls. Generally speaking, when they are not getting along with others, there is always one person who eventually resorts to saying, "I didn't come here to make friends. I came here to find my husband/wife."  That may be true, but it sounds like an excuse since they are really getting a bad rap on their character in general for not "playing nice." In life, I am often the one that strives "play nice." In high school, I graduated with the senior superlative of "Friendliest," an honor I am very proud