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A Fresh Start for the New Year

I love New Years… The fresh start… the new beginning… even hanging up that fresh new calendar that has yet to be filled with a year’s worth of life events! I’m not so much of a resolution maker as I am a goal setter, but I love looking out into a brand-new year, thinking about all the things I’ll do different or accomplish this year. The first week or so of each new year are always great. I eat more fruits and vegetables. I get more activity in my day. I cut back on the sugar. But I set other goals too. Goals like be a better wife, spend more quality time with my kids, be kind in all situations, get in God’s word more, you know, in general just to live a life that brings glory to my Heavenly Father. I do great for the first week or two, but as the “newness” of the new year turns into just another week of winter, I find myself being busy doing everything but the goals I set… Snapping at the hubby because I’m trying to cook dinner and he came home late, doing laundry over coloring