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You Can't Pour From an Empty Cup

Consider your life.  Consider your state of mind.   Consider your sisterhood and your position as a leader.   There is excitement going into a new year, absolutely.  A fresh start. An opportunity to either build on the excitement from the previous year, or maybe it’s an opportunity to wipe the slate clean and build something brand new after a tumultuous year.    Either way, whether your chapter is coming from a positive or negative place, one thing is certain:  you as a leader will face trials during this next academic year. (Wait, Magen, this is supposed to be a positive, encouraging word to start our group training… WHY are you being so pessimistic?!)   Let’s not call it pessimism, let’s call it realism. The reality is, and trust me, I’ve been doing this long enough to know, when you get a group of women together there will be conflict. It’s “when,” not “if.”  End scene, on to Act 2.    So, knowing that you will face obstacles this year, what can you do to equi

When You Need The Right Tools...

For several months the toilet in our bathroom has been continually running. We would shut the valve off to attempt to save water. I bought the kit to replace all the parts. I watched all the YouTube videos for how to do it (again, because this wasn’t the first time I replaced the innards of a toilet), but I never seemed to get around to dealing with actually fixing it.  Our water bill only comes once a quarter, and when the last one came, my jaw hit the floor! Forget the fact that I felt like a terrible steward of this precious resource, our bill was about 7 times what it should be… the toilet HAD to get fixed… it had already cost me TOO MUCH.  Isn’t that kind of how life is? We know something is an issue, but we don’t get around to making a change until the cost becomes too great. We ignore the broken relationship under the guise of needing space. We read the self help book but never get around to the implementation. We throw up some quick prayers, but never dig into the Word or