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Cinderella: The Risk of Being Who You Really Are

Recently I turned twenty-seven years old, and my mom took me out to see the movie "Cinderella" on my birthday.  It was part of the day of festivities of my special day that I spent with my parents, the two people who have truly taught me to be myself and to never let obstacles come in my way.  Cinderella is my mom’s and my favorite Disney movie of all times.   There is something about this story of such an ordinary girl having her dreams come true in such a big way, that is inspiring and encouraging.   The idea of that chase for what we believe in and achieving our dreams is so very exciting.   I am such a sucker for “chick-flicks,” but this one seems extra special for some reason. So as my mom picked me up on my birthdays morning, she unveiled that we were going to see Cinderella.   I was beyond excited as I looked forward to seeing this animated fairy tale “come to life” on the big screen.   I will add that I shed a few tears throughout the movie, but I was left wi