Have You Ever Felt Different?

Image result for not fitting inHave you ever felt different?  I have felt like I don’t fit in with society or what’s cool probably my entire life.  I’m not sure it helps that I am an artist, who feels constantly told what I do has 0 value in the ‘real world’.  Although these people saying this don’t realize how much art rules our world.  But this is a different topic for a different time.  Or since becoming a mom, goodness!  Becoming a mom has for sure showed me I’m different than other moms.  Sometimes chatting within a group of moms is terrifying! Most of the time I embrace it, it doesn’t bother me.  But the last few years (yes years!) I’ve let it get the best of me.  I’ve let the world dictate to me what’s important, who is important, and how unimportant I am.  
I’ve been playing the comparison game strong for a couple of years now.  Which has just come to a head in the last month or so when I’ve had to tell myself enough is enough! With social media, it’s incredibly easy to live in a headspace of comparing yourself to everyone.  But it’s not just social media.  It happens when friends get together and start talking about all the things going on in their worlds, how their kids got another 100 on their spelling test, how they are planning a vacation to somewhere, the list could go on and on.

I’ve forgotten who I am and also whose I am.  You and I were made perfect, just the way we were supposed to be made.  We are the exact person that God created to carry out the tasks He designed especially for us.  That seems kind of crazy, huh?  I’ve been in such a headspace of living in the world, that I forgot that my uniqueness is a gift from my creator.  I forgot that my unique way of thinking, acting, behaving, all are ways I was made to show the world Love of our Savior.  Your uniqueness is a gift to be used to influence your world.  If you are feeling ‘of the world’ or out of place, look at it as a way to show everyone who created you.  In a vast world where there are 391,000 different kinds of plant species, 5,416 of species of mammals, even 1 million species of worms on the planet!  Y'all.  Worms!  If God decided the world needed 1 million species of worm, He for sure created you to be different from all other women, right?  Sisters, embrace your uniqueness!  You are one special you, and if you truly embrace yourself think of the things God can do through you.

- Erin


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