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Check out our Gamma Chapter's awesome video!

Our Gamma Chapter at Elon University excels at their latest video!  Way to go, Sister Phoenixes!

Did you know...

...that Sigma Alpha Omega has a specified webpage through our philanthropy partner, Ovarian Cancer National Alliance? Check it out: ...that September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month? ...that there is NO gynecological test for Ovarian Cancer? ...that Ovarian Cancer is no longer a silent killer? Know the symptoms !

Lilly! Lilly! Lilly!

A sorority staple, Lilly Pulitzer has created fun, chic, and bright patterns for women to wear since the 1960s. Having launched sorority-specific patterns, Lilly Pulitzer opens up voting for more prints. While our numbers are humble and not even close to other sororities, it might still be fun to put our name out and about as write-in's as a contender. So, sisters, friends, and family-- get to it! To vote for our own SAO print, launch here: