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(Not) Selling Jesus

My father-in-law is a pharmaceutical salesman. He is an expert at selling not only prescription drugs to doctors and hospitals, but also at selling decisions to be made at the most minor level, of which he always has an opinion. He preaches the importance of a roadside safety bag, having cash handy, and avoiding putting information out on the internet. To his children, these things are good advice, but they are also worth an eye roll or two when he gets into his dreaded "sales-dad" mode. I am not a salesperson. I remember the first retail job I ever had was so uncomfortable for me because of the sales commission I had. I worked at a boutique for bath products, like make-up and skin care. I was terrified of rejection from customers. Most of the time, I could not even convince myself to buy some of the overpriced items, so, I reasoned, why would I want to push someone else into doing just that? Our faith can feel like we are "selling" Jesus to others, and, for many

An Open Letter to Our Graduates

Dear Graduate: Congratulations!   You've completed your undergraduate degree and are moving on - a new step in life, lovingly coined "adulting..." Before you go, let us bestow a few parting words (ok, a lot of parting words): 1.  It is a great, big world out there!  Be careful not to loose focus on the big picture by getting lost in the muck.  Remember, too, that even though it is a great, big world, God fearfully and wonderfully made you!  (Psalm 139:14).  He placed the stars in the sky, and he knows them by name (Psalm 147:4) -- and just the same, He calls you by name, His beloved!  (Isaiah 43:1).  YOU are HIS child!  And with forces like that at work in your life, how can anything happen, but that which was meant to be?  He is in control.  He's got this.  And because He's got this, YOU'VE got this! 2.  Don't forget ΣA Ω!   I truly believe this organization is ordained by the Lord and serves such a powerful purpose (both during undergrad