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“Perhaps this is the moment for which you have been created.” - Esther 4:14

The story of Esther is a famous one that has been recounted everywhere from Sunday school classes to the Hollywood big screen over and over again.  The sort-of Reader’s Digest version is that an orphan girl from no means finds favor with the King and ultimately saves her people from mass genocide.  But there is more to Esther’s than just that, right?  I mean there are only two books of the bible that are named after women:  Ruth and Esther.  So we have to ask ourselves what it must be that makes these women so worthy.   Ruth’s story can be summed up in a sentence  as well:  A woman’s husband dies, she follows her elderly mother in law to a foreign land where she finds favor with a wealthy land owner and ultimately becomes something like the 28-times great grandmother of Jesus.  The obvious commonalities in these two women’s stories are that they are both displaced from their homes, they both find favor with wealthy, powerful men- but risk their lives in doing so. These women stood i

Ideas to Inspire

TOP TEN IDEAS FOR 2015-16 YEAR! AUGUST Move-In to Recruit... Take the opportunity to lend a helping hand to incoming freshmen and their folks by standing outside dorms on move-in day offering bottled water or your own "brawn" to get items up stairs and set up. Do this while wearing a shirt advertising SAO Christian Sorority and your chapter's recruitment and contact info on the back. Great way to serve AND advertise!  TIP: Don't have enough money as a chapter to order shirts? Order at our Teespring campaign by July 20th! SEPTEMBER Let the walk do the talk... Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month is September. Our chapters participate in events taking place once per week and one monthly to spread awareness for this disease and its symptoms to their campuses and communities. One fun way our sisters can advertise OCA is by wearing it on their feet! Teal Toes, a non-profit OCA group, asks women to paint their toe nails teal in an effort to start awareness conv