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I struggled to come up with a devotion ‘worth’ sharing with you ladies since the last meeting.  I’m not one to remember bible verses off the top of my head (though I try), I don't have many ‘christian’ songs in my music iTunes account, and to be honest my usually confident frame of mine melts into mush when I have to share a devotion or take about what I think a verse means.  So that being said this devotion came out of a 3pm shower I took today.  I was thinking maybe I should share something poignant to the family crisis we’ve been having over the last 5 months, or the health struggle I’ve been going through for the past two years, or even more recently the sad, and for me, completely imaginable event that unfolded in Florida this past week.  As I thought one word kept popping into my mind, community.  Every where there has been tragedy or struggle in my life, it has also been coupled with community.  When I was in middle school my dad was very sick, stage 3 testicular cancer-m