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Some Words of Wisdom

As some of you already know, I used to be a high school English teacher. One thing I really enjoyed during that time was my ability to be a positive impact directly in the lives of students. When a colleague decided to put together a "Girl's Night Out" for the young women of our school to enrich them through mind and body, I was excited to join in. While I really just guided groups from classroom to classroom, I was able to put a smile on a few faces and take away a little bit of advice for myself. In the Orangery (Girl Reading) Charles Edward Perugini (1839-1918) One of the things I brought home was a print-out taken from Don Miguel Ruiz, a Mexican author and Bestseller. While he is not a Christian but a "spiritualist," he expresses some universal truths that we know are sound because they are truths we also read in Scripture. (I have supplied some references along with his text below.) These truths, from one of his books, The Four Agreements , (I haven&#