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Where Are We Going? A Note from Our President

Hello sisters, friends, and family! We are so excited that all of our chapters are jumping into the Fall 2014 Semester at their respective campuses. We have grown so much and are now currently at 33 active chapters nationwide ! It's taken a lot of hard work and prayer to get where we are today, and many hands have helped lift up this ministry to make it what it is today. While we have so much to be proud of, we have a lot more work to do. This year at our Fall 2014 National Planning Summit in Richmond, Virginia, the National Board of Trustees established their short-term vision themes for this year: Sustainability and Efficiency. Formerly, the National Organization's vision themes for the past two years were: Maintenance and Investment. We believe these served us well, but our direction has refined and changed, while still upholding our mission and vision as a sisterhood. Indeed, the old and new themes seem similar, but I, as Sigma Alpha Omega's National President, want