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The Four Letter Word… BUSY

We’ve all said it, “I’m just soooo busy.” We say it when we are asked to do something we don’t feel we have time to do, we say it to our friends when work is keeping us late and we are missing yet another coffee date. We say it to our spouse when they ask if we can help with this “one” project… Sometimes it is truly legitimate, sometimes more of an excuse in disguise… but either way, the truth is always the same, we have time for something, just not for what we are too busy to do. Now, confession time… In 2015 I was truly the busiest I have ever been. My husband was job hunting and then took a job pastoring at a small church, I had two little ones, I worked my “real” job, volunteered with the sorority, did children’s ministry… and was failing at everything. Ok so maybe “failing” is bit of an exaggeration, but at the time, it's truly how I felt and even in hindsight, I was not doing anything incredibly well. Occasionally, I would have a week were one area was ok, but only at the