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Making Bold Moves

I'm going to be honest with you, friends. This devotional is going to ride solely on what my college age pastor preached on this week at groups, and I'm not ashamed! Because if you had asked me 3 days ago if I felt I was ready to write this devotional, I would've said "Nope." But when I walked into groups last night with a tough weekend and an even tougher relationship on my shoulders, God said He would take care of me. And He did.  Justin talked about "Bold Moves." My bold move yesterday was getting myself dressed to go to these groups, and to be honest the one thing that convinced me was the free food. I'm always down for free food. But I don't know if you've ever felt that the pastor is preaching straight to you and your struggles, but this is what I felt last night. Suddenly I wasn't just there for the free food. This is the statement he started off with: "You won't move very far in life if you aren't willing to mak