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How is a Christian Supposed to Live?

If you were to ask the average person, even someone who may not claim to be a Christian the question “What does a Christian believe?” their answers would most likely fall somewhere in the line of: They believe in God They believe in Jesus as the Son of God They believe in love and tolerance They believe in heaven And all of those things are accurate. However, if you were to ask the average person, including many people who do profess to be Christians “How is a Christian supposed to live?” you’d get answers that fall all over the place. Unfortunately, we often don’t do as great of a job living out what we believe and helping others to see how to live it out as we do about saying what we believe. Again, proclaiming our faith is important. But if all we do is proclaim it and tell everyone what to believe, but we don’t live it and show others how, what good is it really doing us… or them? In Galatians 5:1 the Apostle Paul makes this statement: “Stand fast therefore i