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Open Your Eyes

As we are all traveling this summer, be it far or near, don't forget to open your eyes!  I know I have been guilty of keeping my head down, getting work done, obsessed with work, obsessed with my screen—that at the end of the day I have felt exhausted and unaccomplished.  I know I have made it a huge goal the last few weeks to open my eyes and see all that God has created.  We’ve gone on walks and I’ve looked up at the trees, closed my eyes and felt the breeze, looked into my loved ones eyes as they spoke, One evening we all went out into the driveway and laid there as rain fell on all of us.  Since I’ve made this intentional change I now go to bed a lot less exhausted and with the realization that I get more done when I take time to notice and thank the Lord for what He has given me.  Lately Landon has gotten into the question phase of life asking where everything comes from and who made it—and it made me realize when every answer was “well God made that”  God has given us so much