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Our Mission Field

     When I led my first meeting as sorority president, as most presidents can attest, one word could describe me: TERRIFIED. 30 girls sat in Bate 108 at ECU, staring at me. The only words that I could think to say at the time were “Guys, we gotta be more God, less sorority”.   Sure we knew each other individually, each other’s strengths and weaknesses, but did we act on them? No. Did we hold each other accountable for our faults? Not all the time. Did we even know what those greek letters across our chest meant other than the greek words? We like to think so. Were we sick of “meeting requirements and paying dues?” Sometimes. Do I personally regret any time spent in the sorority as an active sister. NOT ONE BIT.         People can tell you all the time that you go to college to get an education and become something, right? What do we want to be? Teachers. Nurses. Business women. In the grand scheme of life, does any of what we become actually matter, other than how we loved Jesus,

Why Ovarian Cancer?

As long as I (Meghan) have been in SAO, Ovarian Cancer Awareness has been our philanthropy.  So I would paint my nails teal, go to the percentage nights, change my facebook picture, and post the flyers during September. But the passion would go no deeper than my fingernails. I've never known anyone with Ovarian Cancer and didn't really understand why we would decide on a cancer that hardly anyone has heard of, one that would cause puzzled looks when we told them what our fundraiser was going to. A few weeks ago I volunteered, as I had before, at the Georgia Ovarian Cancer Alliance's Teal Trot 5K with some fellow SAO alumna. For the first time, I realized what it meant to have OCA as our philanthropy. Being infamously early as I am, I was the first volunteer on site outside of those working for the organization, so as I helped one of the workers set up chairs, he asked why I was volunteering.  "Well, my sorority's national philanthropy is Ovarian Cancer Awarenes

"SBG" gives the 411!

We asked Sisters by Grace Foundation, our sister charitable organization, to share a few announcements with you all as a guest blogpost this month! Read up and share with friends and family to gain support for the cause! The Sisters By Grace Foundation was established in 2013 to cultivate the spiritual, academic, professional, and social growth of mature Christian women, specifically the sisters of Sigma Alpha Omega®. In other words, we are an organization for sisters, by sisters! We have hosted fundraisers, scholarship opportunities, and photo contests as activities that pursue our vision of fostering the personal growth of the sisters of SAO. Over the past year, we have organized several fundraising efforts, including a Yankee Candle Fundraiser last fall, the Penny Uprising that took place at the 2014 Sigma Alpha Omega® Convention, and most recently, a Founding Donor Drive letter campaign. Together, these fundraisers have raised over $500 thus far for the Sisters By Grace