15 Cheap Social Ideas for Chapters

15. Tie Dye
Tie Dying is inexpensive and fun to do. You can tie-dye in one color to save on money, too. Be sure to put some SAO Greek Letters on it to make it even better!

14. Take a Self-Defense Class
Local governments and campuses usually put these on for cheap or free. Plus, you'll learn some ways to stay safe and protect yourself!

13. Clothing Trade
So you know all those clothes in your closet that you don't wear anymore but are still good? And those earrings you like but for some reason never make it into your outfit for the day? Have a night where everyone brings their "stuff" so everyone can "trade" items!

12. Messy Games
Set up an obstacle course or relay race with a grocery bag at the end that gives directions for something to do. A food relay race is always fun! (Items to include in each bag: baby food, a packet of icing, hot sauce, etc.).

11. Trash the Dress Photo Session
Have girls wear old dresses or all one color, like white, and conduct a "trash the dress" photo session. Have a friend, a sister who doesn't want to get messy, or the always reliable #SAOman take the pics! Bonus: You get photos to put on your website! Don't forget to take portraits and make sure that you plan for clean-up!

10. Pinterest night
Ok, so we've all wanted to do that thing on Pinterest better never have the time to do it. Do it with your sisters!

9. Movie night
Classic but goodie--movie nights with twizzlers and popcorn are always a hit in the middle of a busy week. Feeling more energetic (or not)? Try a workout or dance video together.

8. Video/Photo Scavenger Hunt
Create a list of crazy (not too crazy) things to complete with point values by each. Send out teams to complete the tasks by a certain time. Remember to deduct a set amount of points for latecomers when meeting back up to make sure everyone gets back in time to tally up the winners.

7. Notes of Encouragement
Sit at a table and create pretty notes to offer encouragement and kind words to each other to take home in envelopes and open during the next week. Perfect for right before mid-terms or finals!

6. Game Night
Also a classic but a goodie. Set up a tournie in Pictionary, Fish Bowl, Trivia, or whatever!

5. Find a Campus Event
Campuses are almost always putting something on. Why not show some school spirit or good will to other orgs and take advantage of the college life together as a chapter? Open Mic Night? Health Night? There's gotta be something that will save you the time in planning.

4. White Elephant
A white elephant is always a hilarious and cheap way to spend time together. Have a competition to see who can bring the funniest item as voted by participants.

3. Make a Chapter Bucket List
To get more ideas, ask for bucket lists from your sisters and find items that can easily be scratched off.

2. Host a party
Tons of our alum sell Thirty-One Gifts, Premier Jewelry, Mary Kay, and more. It's free to host a party and often parties come with discounts if you do wish to get something.

1. Stargaze or Go on a Hike
Spend some time in the great outdoors together! Have a Bible Study or worship time when you take water breaks.


Have girls create a "mix CD" of songs that describe their summer. Have sisters bring the CD with a legend for why each song was chosen, and then trade among those who decided to participate! New tunes and catch up on what a sis did over the summer!


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