A Girl Like You: A Mother's Fight in Memory of Her Daughter

Robin Babbini enjoyed French, making her way to Level-3 at her high school. She was co-captain of Relay for Life at University of California at Santa Barbara. She was a Greek sister of Kappa Kappa Gamma. She was an inspirational speaker, bringing out awareness for cancer. And, at the young age of 20, Robin Babbini lost her valiant battle to Ovarian Cancer after three years.

Today, her mother Paulinda Babbini honors her daughter through The Ovarian Cancer Circle, a nonprofit she launched in Robin's memory to educate women about and find a cure for this horrendous disease that she knows firsthand has no age boundaries.

The Ovarian Cancer Circle puts on events throughout the year to raise awareness and funds for Ovarian Cancer. Though centered out of Los Angeles, TOCC brings Ovarian Cancer to the forefront nationally through its participation in the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance.

Contact The Ovarian Cancer Circle today in order to spread the word and begin saving lives for women: wives, mothers, aunts, and daughters like Robin. http://theovariancancercircle.org/


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