Like a Tall Glass of Water

Do you ever feel like you're going through a spiritual drought and you just can't connect to God, then all of a sudden a sermon of truth goes into your soul like a cool drink of water? That's what the Gospel is all about, and that's what I felt this past Sunday at my home church.

My patience has been running thin lately, and this weekend was that tall glass of water I needed to remember that any doubts I have about an unknown future is placed in the hands of a known God! (concept borrowed from Corrie Ten Boom)

Here's the description as written by Fairfax Community Church and the following link to the sermon:

"Are you restless in your spirit, with a nagging sense that there must be something more? More to work and family and church? During this series, we will look at the amazing story of Abraham, a very ordinary man who became extraordinary for one pivotal reason: he pursued God in a life of obedient faith, not knowing where that decision would take him. He went All In. Will you?"

Some highlights from my notes:

When you've finally gone "all in" with God, sometimes that the toughest time to be patient on God's timing. Sometimes we feel we're not "followers" of Jesus, but his "secret service agents" that prowl the area before he comes back, making sure all the work is done. But, when we get ahead of His plan, we usually just create a BIG MESS. Case Study: Abraham, Sarah, and Haggar. Genesis 16

What are we to do when we are impatient and get in the way?

1. Stop blaming others for the consequences of our own actions
2. Recognize the cultural expectations that contribute to our impatience
3. Be willing to repent ("turn around") of our impatience
4. Surrender to God's grace in order to redeem our impatience

In the end, God is faithful to the very end!


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