A History of Teal

In 2010, I was blessed to represent Sigma Alpha Omega at Ovarian Cancer National Alliance's annual conference. I had been freshly inducted to the National Board for just over a month, and I trekked in my blue Malibu by my lonesome into the grid of Washington, D.C. I was so excited to meet women that battled this disease and learn more about SAO's philanthropy since 2007, my sophomore year of college, before I was an SAO sister.

In 2010, our table was modest. I did my best to bring what I had...t-shirts, SAO stuff, a lily, a mug, b&w brochures, and even put a running video from my chapter back at Alpha Alpha. Every day I dressed with a flare of teal, Ovarian Cancer's awareness color.

Today, four years later, at the 16th Annual Conference, our booth has evolved into something better. We have a slideshow, promo items, a banner, "Dove" chocolates, COLOR brochures (woo!)...and it's not just me there, but three National Board representatives and two chapter representatives from the chapter who received our 2013 Outstanding Chapter Service Award. Boy, was I elated when I found out it was my home chapter, who years ago, had helped me with gear and pictures to prepare for my booth!

This Friday through Sunday, Sigma Alpha Omega will be represented by Magen Nelson (treasurer), Abby Bryant (Convention Liaison), Rachel Gill (Alpha Alpha sister), Nancy Costa (Alpha Alpha sister), and myself. I look forward to what we will learn about Ovarian Cancer Awareness (OCA) and Advocacy in order to share with our sisters, so that they might be able to share with the women on their campuses and beyond.

This weekend, I challenge you to tell one person about Ovarian Cancer, wear teal, or post an OCA fact on your social media. Together, we can BEAT this disease!

Claire McAuliffe
2013-14 President


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